Vehicle Accidents

Many work accident claims involve car accidents. In some road traffic accident claims, the employer is liable for the accident, as they had failed in their duty of care towards their workforce. This might be seen in collisions involving overworked long-distance drivers, accidents involving fleet cars that have been poorly maintained, or accidents involving fork-lift trucks and other warehouse vehicles.

If you think your employer is liable in a vehicle accident claim, get in touch with us to find out more about making an accident at work claim.

Vehicle accident at work claims

There are a number of things you should do to improve your likelihood of success in a work accident claim involving a vehicle. These are:

  • Report the accident to your employer

You should tell your employer about the accident and ensure they record it in the accident book. If your employer does not have an accident book, then write down a statement outlining your accident and send it to your employer. You should keep a copy of this statement or your accident book report for future reference.

  • Take photographs

Photographs are great evidence in accident at work claims. Photograph the area the vehicle accident occurred, any factors that contributed to the accident, the extent of any vehicular damage and the extent of your personal injuries.

  • Collect witness statements

If anyone witnessed the accident, then take down their name and contact information so they can support your allegations and your version of events.

  • Visit a doctor

You will have to be able to demonstrate that you suffered injuries in a workplace accident if you are to make an accident at work claim. You should also follow the treatment regimen your doctor gives you, as failing to do so could reduce the size of your claim.

If another driver was involved in the vehicle accident

You should follow the same steps as you would in any car accident if you are driving a company car at the time of the collision. Stop at the scene, record the time and date, note down the make, model and registration number of the other vehicle and take down their insurance details. Do not admit the accident was your fault, and do not sign any forms sent to you by insurance companies without seeking legal advice.

However, you should also tell the other driver your employer’s details, as it may be their insurance company that will deal with the cost of the accident.

Make a vehicle accident at work claim.

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