Fine for Company Boss after Worker loses Thumb

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imagesAn employee of CNC Rotary who severed his right thumb during an accident at his place of work has been awarded £1514 after the company admitted it had failed to maintain a sufficient level of health and safety.


Despite receiving surgery which saw Mr Evans’ thumb replaced with a toe, Mark Evans was unable to return to work for a year. The accident occurred when Mr Evans was attending to a rotary blade which became detached from its sling, completely severing his thumb. It was discovered that adequate safety precautions were not taken as were required to ensure the tool was securely in place. Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court ordered his manager, David Helley to pay costs to Mr Evans and a fine of £6000.

Unable to work

As expected, an injury of this nature can leave the victim distraught and traumatised, in addition to being physically impaired. In this case, the 45 year old found himself incapacitated for a year, experiencing loss of earnings and a lot of physical pain. It was therefore deemed necessary for the court to instruct his employer to pay compensation.

Accident at work claims

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What to do if you have been in an accident at work

There are steps you can take to increase the chances of your success if you intend to make an accident at work claim. If you have been injured at work:

  • Seek medical attention immediately and retain copies of medical records associated with your injuries.
  • Take the details of any witnesses as these can be used during your compensation claim.
  • Inform your line manager as soon as possible and request the details of the incident are entered into the company accident book. If this is not available, or your place of work does not have one, note the details of the accident in an email and send it to your employer, keeping a copy for your own records.
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