Fire Safety In The Workplace

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It’ll never happen to us, right? That’s what everyone thinks, disasters and tragedy are the kind of things that only occur in the peripheries of our lives. Whilst we’re walking around unaffected it is easy to imagine that we’ll never become a victim to such bad luck.

Still, dozens of buildings suffer from fire-related disasters each year and whilst a large percentage of commercial and industrial buildings are victim to night time fires, this isn’t always the case. There have been numerous occasions where fires have begun in a building full of workers and customers, and when this happens it is crucial that the fire regulations that so often seem petty and pointless have actually been adhered to.

Ensuring that fire protocol is efficient in your business is key when attempting to save as many of the businesses assets as possible. A wrong move can lose your company large amounts of stock or expensive equipment, but more importantly, carelessness surrounding fire regulations can result in the loss of a life.

Of course, all companies have strict fire laws that they must abide by, or they can face a hefty fine – and with good reason. All these precautions have been put in place to save lives.

Emergency Signs

In most businesses at least one member of staff should be fire trained. Those who are fire trained will likely remember the case of The Station nightclub, where 100 people died. This example is often used because of the variety of fire safety protocols broken, aside from the use of outdoor pyrotechnics indoors and the flammable foam material that caused the fire to go up so quickly, the other main reason for such a large death toll was the poorly sign-posted exits. Exits were blocked and emergency signs were not properly used in the most effective places.

As a result of blocked exits, lack of emergency signs and an overcrowded night club, 100 people died and 240 more were seriously injured.

Be Safe or Be Sorry

Managers and directors are primarily responsible for fire safety in the workplace. It is their job to ensure that everything is up to standard, even if that means keeping other staff in line. But it should be everyone’s moral duty to keep on top of fire safety because it is everyone’s life on the line if the fire exit is blocked or if, with smoke billowing around the room, no one can find their escape because the emergency signs aren’t properly installed, or not installed at all for that matter.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of media coverage on successful fire evacuations. Sadly, it seems, a safe and well organised fire escape isn’t worthy of the news, and that’s because an escape in the event of the fire shouldn’t be a wild and exciting panic. It should be calm and organised, all in spite of the situation.

It may not be exciting, but it will save lives, so stick to the rules, they’re there for a reason.

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