Construction accident claims

Although this is a high-risk industry, you still deserve to be provided with certain equipment and facilities to ensure safety in your specific job. This may include:

  • Safety harnesses if you are working on scaffolding
  • Facial protection when welding
  • Appropriate training for your role
  • Onsite first aid equipment and facilities
  • Regular breaks to prevent accidents caused by tiredness and lack of concentration
  • Defined walkways that are free of obstructions

These are just some of the provisions your employer must make and you as an employee also have responsibilities to ensure your own safety at work and the safety of co-workers. However, if you have had an accident, and it wasn’t your fault, then you have the right to pursue compensation.

What Costs Can I Claim?

Are you unable to work? Are you facing debt due to loss of earnings? Perhaps you feel you unable to return to work due to the fear of an accident happening again? If your employer is shown to be negligent, you could be entitled to compensation that will help with medical care, ongoing rehabilitation and mental health treatment.

Construction Accident Claims Specialists

With such a high number of accidents happening in the world of construction, you will need the best possible legal team to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Clearwater Solicitors concentrate on accident and injury claims, which means we know exactly what it takes to make a successful claim. We have a highly qualified and dedicated firm of solicitors, boasting 55 years of combined experience who can help you recover costs that have been accrued due to your accident.

You Are Our Priority

Besides providing access to an outstanding team of Construction Accident Claims experts, we offer a personal service that is adapted to your needs. This means that if for any reason you cannot come to our offices, we will visit you at home or in the hospital. Each client is treated as an individual and regular contact means we get to know you and find out exactly what you need.

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For a free initial consultation about Construction Accident Claims, call us on the number above. If you would prefer us to call you, fill in the contact form and a member of our legal team will be in touch as soon as possible. Why leave it any longer to claim what you deserve? Get in touch today.

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