Fatigue related accident claims

Work-related fatigue accounts for a staggering number of accidents taking place in the UK each year, with approximately 25% of car-accident injuries and fatalities being attributed to fatigue. This figure alone reveals just how serious fatigue can be, which is why, if you have been in an accident caused by fatigue, you should consider a claim for compensation.

What is Fatigue?

This condition is more than mere tiredness and is defined as being caused by physical or mental exertion which can result in weakness, drowsiness, loss of concentration, and overall ill health. It is clear to see that fatigue is not conducive to a safe working environment, which is why employers must do their utmost to ensure employees do not suffer from this condition. Shift-workers are more likely to be vulnerable to fatigue as altered sleeping patterns and extended working hours and are all factors which contribute to the onset of fatigue.

Health and Safety at Work: Who is Responsible?

By law, your employer must provide a safe working environment and must also implement procedures to protect employees from potential health and safety hazards. Although you and your co-workers also have responsibilities for your own well-being, the government has set out stringent guidelines to promote safety in the workplace which employers are obliged to follow.

In compliance with The Working Time Regulations 1998 Employers Must:

  • Provide a break of at least 20 minutes to those working in excess of 6 hours per day, or a break of 30 minutes to young and adolescent workers working in excess of 4 ½ hours
  • Allocate a consecutive period of eleven hours rest time between shifts or 12 hours to young and adolescent workers
  • Provide one day off work per week, which can be calculated as an average over two weeks, or, in the case of young and adolescent workers, provide two days off per week, which cannot be averaged over two weeks

Employers must also meet the minimum standards of health and safety in the workplace as set out in other Government guidelines.

Maintain your Rights

Many people are deterred from making Fatigue Related Accident Claims as they are worried they may lose their job or anger employers, but if you are injured through no fault of your own, then you could, and should apply for compensation. Financial assistance gained from a successful claim can help you cover healthcare costs, recoup any loss of earnings, and assist with many other expenses incurred due to your injury. As your solicitors, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect and can help you get all the help you need on the road to your recovery.

A Professional Service with a Personal Touch

Although past clients testimonials indicate that we go above and beyond the usual remit of what is expected from a legal firm, we see it as offering the outstanding service you deserve. If you want a team that can provide home visits, consistent contact and a free initial consultation for a no win, no fee compensation claim, contact Workplace Injury solicitors.

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