Ladder accident claims

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Ladder Accident Claims: Do I qualify?

All employers have a legal responsibility to implement certain health and safety procedures, as set out in government guidelines. Your employer should make you aware of this legislation, and your work place must have a clearly visible official health and safety poster that outlines your responsibilities and those of your employer. On this poster, there will also be information about what you can do if there is a problem with any health and safety issues. In some circumstances, employers are negligent and an accident may occur which will result in you being injured. If this is the case, and it was not your fault, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Using Ladders Safely

When using a ladder at work, you should always carry out checks before attempting to use the ladder. All equipment in the workplace should be safe to use and if a ladder is damaged or missing some components, you should not attempt to use it and your employer should be alerted to its condition so they can replace it.

Things to check when using a leaning ladder:

  • Stiles should not be bent or damaged in any way as this could compromise the safety of the ladders
  • All rungs should be present. If any are missing, or damaged, do not use the ladder
  • Non slip feet should be in place if these are worn, damaged or missing completely, do not use the ladder

Things too check when using a stepladder:

  •  Ensure locking bars are in working order. If they are bent, or the fixings are damaged, the stepladder is at risk of collapsing
  • As with leaning ladders, stepladders should have feet in place to prevent slipping. If the feet are damaged or worn, it may not be safe to use the ladder
  • Check the platform, making sure it is firmly in place
  • Keep the steps/treads dry and make sure they are fixed securely to the frame of the ladder

Ladder Accident Claims: Working from a height

Using ladders and working above floor level presents risks and sometimes, despite all your best efforts, accidents can happen. If your injury is sustained whilst carrying out work, and it is not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation and will need an experienced team of solicitors to ensure you get that compensation.

What we do

Our friendly advisers can offer support and advice with any Ladder Accident Claims. When you employ Clearwater Solicitors, you gain access to a dedicated team that will visit you in your home or at hospital, making life much easier for you during this difficult time. Your allocated solicitor is on-hand to provide reassurance and guidance whenever you need it. Take advantage of our no win, no fee service and discover how much you can claim.

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